Thursday, January 21, 2010

HHRM Ministry


1-Encourage post-abortive, wounded women to seek forgiveness, healing, and a renewing of their minds through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

2-Encourage church leaders to offer Bible-based, non-condemning ministry outreach to post-abortive, wounded women within their midst.


1-To lovingly come alongside post-abortive, wounded women with encouragement, guidance, and inspiration, as they seek healing and renewing. While we reach out with loving encouragement and compassion, we will always seek and speak God’s Truth as we gently guide post-abortive women along the path to heal their wounded hearts and renew their minds. We will try our very best to provide the necessary tools, resources, and ministry options, so that these sisters can become the women God fully intends them to be—forgiven, healed, and renewed.

2-To open the hearts and minds of church leaders so they can better recognize and empathize with the condemnation, pain, and shame oftentimes (and inadvertently) cast upon post-abortive women during events such as “Sanctity of Life” and “Right to Life” Sundays. We will urge congregational leaders to offer healing for post-abortive, wounded women through women’s ministry, outreach, prayer, workshops, Bible-based studies, etc.

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