Thursday, January 21, 2010

HHRM Sisters

Once-wounded, but now and forever more restored, sisters in Christ share at Healing Hearts, Renewing Minds.

Listen, as each woman tells her story, offers inspiring encouragement, wraps you in His tender love & gives you God's Truth.

Click here for Darlene's story and to read about the beginning of Healing Hearts Renewing Minds ministry. Although this is an encouraging place for post-abortive women who seek healing and renewing, it is a gentle place washed in God's Truth and is applicable to us all. His Words are intermingled with my heart to offer support, encouragement, and to knit us together in His Almighty Love.

For now, you can catch a bit more about my passions, my family's simple country life, my heart, my attention to God's littlest details, at Aspire to Lead A Quiet Life. There, I am also known as A Simple Country Girl.

Click here for brief introduction to Jennifer. She is my dear sister-in-Christ whom I met along my journey of post-abortion healing. God cross our threads a while back and then He wondrously wove them together for this ministry. Although she was walking the same path when we met, now however, she runs strong in His strength!

Her support and encouragement for HHRM has been nothing short of outstanding. To read her words at HHRM, please read Lay It Down. She is a Surrendering the Secret leader. Maybe you have the heartbreak of abortion and need to "surrender your secret" or perhaps you have a heart to lead other women along that path? Jennifer is our Surrendering the Secret representative and contact.


For contact information, please visit our Share Your Heart page. Although you can email us at the given addresses, but do consider leaving a comment on that page. It will find its way into our hands, hearts and prayers sooner...

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