Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dine-n-Dash (revisited)

Here is something worth re-reading and tucking away into the folds of your hearts and minds. And as usual, I ask several questions...

Do you believe these statements I gleaned from my Bible the other morning?

But this Man,
after He had offered one sacrifice
for sins forever,
sat down at the right hand of God.

For by one offering
He has perfected forever
those who are being sanctified.
(Hebrews 10:12 & 14)

Do you live like you believe those Words are true?

And what about the following words?

But the Holy Spirit also witnesses to us;
for after He had said before,

“This is the covenant that I will make with them
after those days, says the LORD:
I will put My laws into their hearts,
and in their minds I will write them,”
then He adds,

Their sins and their lawless deeds
I will remember no more.”

Now where there is remission of these,
there is no longer an offering for sin."
(Hebrews 10:15-18)

Even though you know God tells only the Truth and your head believes these Biblical utterances, does your heart readily follow suite too?

Do you really believe that once you lay your sins at the foot of the cross, they are no longer yours to carry?

Chances are high that you have heard of the poor man's restaurant trick referred to as the Dine-n-Dash. Come with me, let's try it together.

I, the poor woman, and you the other poor folks, let's eat a feast (of forgiveness), then we will dash. We will run right out the door, dragging one another by tightly held hands, as we race to our car in the parking lot.

Wait a minute! Something is different here at the Divine Diner.

When we leave this particular eatery, we don't have to look over our shoulder in fearful expectation of the manager running after us, hollering, and demanding payment. No, quite to the contrary.

Guess what? We don't even have to beat feet or make haste in our departure.

Actually, The Boss would prefer we stay, meal after meal.


Because His Son already paid the bill. He even tipped the waitress.

Friends, His Words are true. And they are ever-so-filling. Ya know, like the stick-to-your-ribs wholesome food that your mamma used to make to fill your always-starving teenage stomach? Yeah, like that. God wants to fill you up just like that.

Go back and re-read the scripture above.

Now, do you believe those Words with your head and heart?

You should.

God does not hold onto bills. He doesn't keep I.O.U.s in a neat little stack. Once you come to His Divine Diner, you actually hand Him the receipt of your lifelong sin list before you sup of His meal of forgiveness. Once you eat, you are free. But God knows that these sins like to noodle their way back into your head and even your heart. So, look up. See that neon flickering sign? Yeah, His diner is open 24-hours.

See you there.

I will be the one licking my plate clean.

Let us humbly pray:
Father God, thank You for your platefuls of mercy and forgiveness. Thank You that we can dish up helping after helping. Lord, please be with each one reading this today. If they are still dragging a sin-bag, give them the strength and peace to finally hand it all over to You. And to fully accept that You paid the price already. In Jesus' Name, amen.

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