Tuesday, December 28, 2010


This time last year I was still marveling over the whispers God placed in my ears and imbedded in my heart:

- “you…such a time as this”

- I rescued you from your own self, from your sins, and from your past;

your future was doomed without Me.

- You have a letter – share it boldly, in My name

- You know women who will help, pray, guide, encourage…

elicit them, ask them.

- Look, I gave you my son, birthed in the dirtiness of a barn,

what are you waiting for? Do it now, if for Me.

With the prayers, technical assistance, and encouragement of a few ladies, this site was pulled together and launched in less than one month. I was blown away by not only the help, but by the immediate response. By the need.

With the initial launch, and for the first few posts, many people visited. I looked at the site meter. Of course I did. Then two weeks later, we moved again, our second move in four months. It took some time to get semi-settled and to get things rolling here. Next, things waned here and visits spiraled down and admittedly my focus got hazy and my selfLESSness got out of whack.

I regrouped, refocused, and repurposed because your healing is what matters. Even when I have been absent in words, you have been as close as my every heartbeat. I felt (and still feel a bit awkward) that I have let you down. But then God comes and shine His bright light of Truth and I realize that if this ministry's whole purpose was to free one woman in the first week of its launch, then it all has been well worth it.

Due to the variables of my family's recent relocation saga, we moved again last month. Our third move in just over one year. So, absent I have been again. Hopefully this leg of our journey will last more than a few months as we finally found a home to buy. So, here I am once more, knee-deep in boxes, clutter, and disorganization. Folks, this is not the way I want to start a new year. Not only is my home a mess, but honestly, I fear that my heart is also a mess. Again.

I wanna start things right with the ringing in of a new year.
- Who doesn't?

I wanna be organized.
- Who doesn't?

I wanna do something spectacular this year.
- Who doesn't?

I wanna, I wanna, I wanna...

That is beginning to sound a lot like whining. And I don't know about you, but whining is b-aaad. It shreds me like moldy cheese over a grater. I do not like it. I don't tolerate it from my kid so why do I tolerate it from the recesses of my own heart? Me, me, me, I , I, I.

Like most of you, I need a Titus 2 leader in my life. Someone who speaks only His Truth, someone who encourages, and someone who understands real women seeking God. Someone who understands that the seeking and chasing oftentimes includes slipping and falling and standing and reaching, yet again.

Please take some time to either listen to and/or read these podcasts and articles by Nancy Leigh DeMoss. She is leading women along a path of PRIORITIES for the upcoming new year. Even though I don't know her in-person, I know her in sisterhood of Christ and sometimes she helps fill that Titus 2 woman gap for me.

"Now, I want to begin today, and over the next several days, to share some thoughts about how to get our priorities in the right order. We’re especially focusing on this matter of how we use our time—priorities as they relate to our time. What I’m going to do is to take the word priorities—priorities—and make an acronym out of it, with each of those letters, suggesting something that will help us get our priorities in order." (Nancy Leigh DeMoss)

I think her teachings will help me (and possibly you too?) to trade the Me, me, me, I, I, I for the Him! Him! Him! Let's trade the whining for the shining.

Your wounds matter.

The healing of your hearts and the renewing of your minds matter. You matter to me. And most importantly, to God.

"Asking Him to order my steps . . . Once I’ve inquired of Him, and I’ve been in His Word and on my knees and sought His heart and believed that He has directed me, then I can trust that even if that decision puts pressure on me, that there will be grace to deal with that pressure." (DeMoss)

"Now, here’s the concept that has challenged me over the years, and I have to go back to this every day of my life. If I’m too busy to cultivate my relationship with God by the means of grace God has provided for me, then I’m too busy. Then something is wrong and something has to change." (DeMoss)

In the spirit of Truth, let us join together and encourage one another, to love God, and to love others. But before we can do that...we need to get our priorities straight, not only for the new year, but for our new hearts in Christ.

Friends, please feel free to leave comments, send emails, and/or link here to Healing Hearts, Renewing Minds. What started out last year as a place of rest and redemption for post-abortion women (& men), will broaden this year to include all the wounded.

We all have pasts. We have hurts. But by the grace and love of Christ, He holds our todays and our tomorrows. Are you ready for a new year and a new you--in Him?

Let us humbly pray:
Father God, You hold each one of us in the palm of Your gracious hand and You love us with a love so big nothing can compare. Some of us come to You and willingly hand over all of our tattered and ripped baggage while others cling to broken luggage, unwilling and unable to surrender the wounds. Lord, I ask that You give each one the strength to release their grasp on their past so that You will be able to heal and renew with redemption, restoration and love. Lord, let this be a place, a community where folks find Truth, encouragement and safety. Lead us by the Light of Your Truth. In Jesus' name, amen.

But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you. (Matthew 6:33 NKJV)

Jesus said to him, ‘You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.’ (22:37)


kali said...

Bless you for your obedience and diligence...and your tender honesty and desire for him. This place has existed for a year and I just came across it a few months ago- and it has blessed me. I am a loved & redeemed daughter of my great Father God- and an abortion long ago is part of my story too. I know He is calling me into even more freedom- and I pray others will be led to Him through that. Thanks for creating this place.

katdish said...

I think I've been focusing way too much on "ME" and not so much on God. Even though I know better, sometimes I think I have to be good (or at least better) before I ask for His help. But when I'm not good (which is always), that's when I need to seek Him. Thanks, Darlene.

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