Friday, February 26, 2010

Grace Embrace

Friends, some days we just need a detour off the regular path. Since our individual healings come in different sizes and shapes and forms, so sometimes do my methods and words and heart beats.

Praying for all to find the only One who can truly apply the healing & renewing balm...

one storm lingered

past the mopping
and sopping

an obvious
and apparent mess

through seasons
and years

raindrops continued

they dripped and splattered

one dark night

i had enough

and went
through heavy wooden
church doors

to Him

and also found a friend

who helped me
lay my burdens down

literally at the cross
on my face

in a puddle
my tears
and fears

and pain and agony and guilt

finally they fell

cascading rivers
of a twenty-two year old storm

mixed with His blood

and His love

in the midst
of my alter mess

He pulled me onto His lap

heart to heart
we sat

He turned my face

and I felt the torrents
of forgiveness
pour down

and wash away

my sins and dread and past and shame

to drown my sin
and set me free

He rescued me

from mired murk

so dark and deep
ugly and brown

He pulled me

by the heart strings

now i sit right here

in the grace
of His embrace

In order to truly feel His Grace Embrace,

what journey are you willing to walk

and what doors are you willing to push open?

* This poem was originally a non-thinking heart response to a question posed about really feeling God's grace. My heart wrote it, via my typing hands, straight into a comment box. Later, I went back and copied it for you.

* Photo by me. The actual door I pushed open for my Grace Embrace.


Laura said...

Of course I remember. It knocked my socks off then and now. Grace. Isn't it wonderful to feel it's embrace?

I'm long overdue to email you, my friend. I talked with friend who shares your heart today. I'll catch up with you about it all later. I don't even have two seconds to rub together this weekend.

But...I'm not complaining. These might be the best days of my life. I'm going to live them.

Patrina said...


So glad that you visted my vineyard today. Yes, I did grab your vineyard's button and place within my own. But you know, I can't see when you've posted a neww I kinda forgot to check back. I have to have in in front of me - so today, I copied your blogspot address and created a special vineyard listing for your place and Tammy's. Now I can see when you've both made new posts!!! I will be visitng your vineyard regularly now!! So look for me. :)

I hope to get to know you in the near future as we visit each other's vineyards ass we pour 'New Wine' for His Glory!

I love your 'Grace Embrace' here. Awesome story of how your painfully stretched heart strings found the Song that God wove into the fabric of your life ~ even before YOU were created in your mother's womb!!!

God's blessings and peace be upon you, and thank you for being YOU!!

Patrina <")>><
His watchman on the wall

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